Call 9-911 from an on-campus phone and 911 from a cell phone to report an emergency that needs immediate assistance from police and rescue personnel.

If you are aware of anyone bringing any type of weapon to campus, or storing any type of weapon on campus, you should immediately notify the Office of Safety and Security at 401.865.2222 or press the emergency button on any Blue Light phone.

Security will ask you to provide helpful information that includes:

  1. The name of the individual suspected of bringing the weapon?
  2. Where the weapon is located?
  3. Whether the suspect has threatened anyone?
  4. Any other details that may prevent the suspect from hurting himself/herself or others.

  • If a faculty member suspects that a weapon is in the classroom, do not panic or abandon the classroom.
  • Find a way to discreetly notify the Office of Safety and Security at 401.865.2222.
  • If the suspect threatens you with a weapon, do not attempt to disarm him/her. Back away with your arms up. Try to remain calm.