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Public Safety Programs and Policies

The principal objective of the Providence College Office of Public Safety is to safeguard members of the College community, to protect private and institutional property, and to prevent crime.  As a service organization, the Office of Public Safety patrols the Providence College campus using a community policing model and engages regularly with constituents.  Public Safety contributes to the smooth functioning of the college community by stressing the importance of crime prevention, the individual’s obligation to take necessary precautions, the cooperation of each member of the college community to safeguard personal and college property, and the care that must be taken to comply with fire regulations.

The Office of Public Safety responds to all safety calls and incidents of crime on campus, and enforces laws and standards using directives, policies, and procedures that are fair, just, and responsive to the community.  Public Safety investigates reported incidents, crimes, and traffic incidents, working collaboratively with Residence Life, Community Standards, college officials, and all other law enforcement agencies.

The Office of Public Safety has a collaborative relationship with the Providence Police Department, and the existence of their substation on College property helps facilitate timely and effective responses to emergencies.  While the Office of Public Safety has no jurisdiction outside of the Providence College campus, it is always ready and willing to provide assistance and information to off-campus students. On some occasions, this service may include contacting the police, rescue unit, medical personnel, or parents of an injured or aggrieved student.

As part of the Office of Public Safety, the Department of Emergency Management directs emergency response education and participation in training exercises that enhance crisis response knowledge and skills. Examples include: FEMA Incident Command System for Higher Education, Active Shooter Response, and Workplace Violence Response and Prevention. Our Public Safety officers have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement at the state or local level, and/or have significant experience in emergency management and critical incident response.

Providence College will do everything in its power to make the college a secure place for all who work, study, and live on campus. But maintaining a safe campus is not the work of Public Safety alone; maintaining a safe and secure campus affects all members of the college community. We ask for your help and your cooperation in our effort to make a reality at Providence College.

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