Hostage Situation

Call 9-911 from an on-campus phone and 911 from a cell phone to report an emergency that needs immediate assistance from police and rescue personnel.

Hostage Situation in Progress:

  • Call 401.865.2222, or press the emergency button on any Blue Light phone, to notify the Office of Safety and Security or call 911
  • Security will ask you to provide helpful information that includes:
  1. Location of incident?
  2. Description of the subject(s)?
  3. How many people being held hostage?
  4. Types of weapons and threats used?
  • If the hostage taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene; stay hidden.

If Taken Hostage:

  • Follow the instructions of the hostage taker.
  • Try not to panic. Calm other persons present.
  • Treat the hostage taker as normally as possible. Make self-controlled eye contact.
  • Be respectful to the hostage taker.
  • Ask for permission to speak. Do not argue or make suggestions.
  • Do not take action against the hostage taker unless life-threatening circumstances present themselves.