Alcohol or Drug Poisoning

Call 9-911 from an on-campus phone or 911 from a cell phone to report an emergency that requires immediate assistance from police and rescue personnel.

  • Stay beside the person and call the Office of Public Safety at 401.865.2222 or press the emergency button on any Blue Light phone.
  • Public Safety will call 911 or dispatch EMTs as appropriate.

Symptoms of possible alcohol poisoning that should cause you to be concerned include the following:

  • The person is non-responsive.
  • The person is incoherent and/or vomiting.
  • The person’s breathing is shallow.
  • The person has cold, clammy skin.
  • The person appears bluish or pale.
  • The person has taken other drugs in addition to ingesting alcohol.
  • The person has a head injury.

Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. Do not allow someone who has had too much to drink to “sleep it off.”